Everything we do, we do with heart and dedication. But what exactly is it?


Storage is much more than just putting something away. Routes are optimized, storage compartments are used optimally and costs are reduced.


No matter where, no matter how fast. We have the ideal shipping partner for all transportation routes. And always CO2-neutral.


Picking and packing are our core tasks. This includes not only the right pricing but also the ideal packaging concept.


Functioning reverse logistics is always a major challenge. We meet this challenge with success every day.

IT & Web development

We digitize and automate all the processes that we map for you. And we prefer to create a direct exchange between your systems and ours.

Trade fair & event

On-site services such as setting up your equipment or decorating your POS are an integral part of our service.


Fulfillment is the origin of PROWERB.

We have continued to develop our services on this basis.

Trade fair & event

The latest addition to our logistics services. Advertising and addressing prospective customers is becoming increasingly direct and personal. We go this way with you.

Promotional shipping

Fulfillment’s little sister has long since developed into an independent and important pillar of our company.

Over 40 years of experience – a competent team!

At PROWERB you will find an exciting mix of young and old hands, new ideas and a wealth of experience. This prevents a haphazard approach as well as a “it’s always been this way” mentality.

Fun Facts

How do you express your key performance indicators well and clearly? Maybe like this:

Blue whales

to the moon and back


Our references

Name-dropping is not difficult. Building references that stay with you for years is what we do at PROWERB.

Case studies

The world of marketing logistics is extremely diverse and characterized by constantly changing challenges. This is why there is no “one case” at Prowerb, but always a customized solution. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide a detailed insight with the following examples:

In addition to our extensive online stores, we can also connect to almost any existing system. Whether SalesForce, SAP, Ariba and, and, and. Everything is fully automated for both downloading and uploading.


IT-side customer connection

Many customers worry about the transition when moving to PROWERB. We create the fastest possible physical relocation here. We manage up to 200 pallets a day in the collection department



Large mailings are the salt in the soup for us. Up to 35,000 parcels with a total weight of 595 tons within 3 days. Loaded onto a total of 68 trailers. Our daily business.


Promotional shipping

Our processes and services.


All our processes and services are geared towards exactly one goal: To make your daily work easier.

That’s why we don’t shy away from customization, because after more than 40 years we know one thing for sure:

No two customers are the same. And that’s a good thing!

Needs analysis

First of all, we work with you to determine the exact requirements for your marketing activities.


We create the conditions for your goods to move in with us in the shortest possible time. Whether programming an online store or creating an interface.


Finally we can get started! The order processing is running, you can view your stocks and delivery status at any time and the goods are also there.


Reports with different frequencies and always the optimal content keep you up to date at all times. Focus on your strategic activities, we’ll do the rest!

Let’s talk!

We would be delighted to be able to engage in a personal exchange with you. Give us a call, write to us or fill out the contact form.

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